Educational opportunities in IT Security

Our dependence on information technologies is steadily growing, whether in business, the financial world, politics or for private individuals – IT security affects every one of us. This has turned IT security into a core concern for many areas of life and industry, and its importance continues to grow. Today, graduates who complete a course of study with a concentration in IT security enjoy bright career prospects.

Whether a Master’s degree in IT Security at TU Darmstadt or a specialization in IT Security at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, students are being prepared to tackle the ever-changing and increasing demands for IT security.

Students have the opportunity to gain inter­national experience through an exchange semester abroad or a course of study at one of TU Darmstadt’s partner universities.

Experience University - with Honey you attract Hackers

Whoever is interested in university studies in Hessia should visit the article "Erlebnis Hochschule" on the website "Hessen schafft Wissen". With attractive images and short, crisp texts, different major fields of study at hessian universities are described. A current article deals with cybersecurity research at the TU Darmstadt, concrete with the "TU Darmstadt Cyber Incident Monitor", with the specialist area Telecooperation at the TU Darmstadt headed by Prof. Max Mühlhäuser. Here the threat of cyberattacks are explored in general and are the article of the "TU Darmstadt Cyber Incident Monitor".     

The Article „TU Darmstadt Cyber Incident Monitor" (in German only)