The research findings generated at CRISP contribute to helping people in various ways, from using their daily Internet and smart-phone applications to the protection of their fundamental rights.

Funkkolleg "Security"

The hr-iNFO Funkkolleg security analysed subjective fears and objective hazards.  There was an insight into the current security research, which by long since is interdisciplinarly organized and aspects from politics, technology and psychology are interlinked. 

In the framework of the Funkkolleg security hr-iNFO sent a total of 25 radio shows about the topic "security" from 7, November 2016 until 29, May 2017.

The radio series focused through the inclusion of additional material and podcasts on a multimedial concept of further education. The offer was added  by events of the Volkshochschulen in Hessia and by cooperating events of the TU Darmstadt and hr-iNFO. Furthermore within the series a certified training for teachers and a certificate upon the successful completion of the training program based on an online and presence exam was offered. Further information, podcasts and material you may find on the website of the Funkkolleg.

Scientifically the Funkkolleg was supported by Prof. Peter Buxmann, CRISP scientist at the TU Darmstadt, head of the field Wirtschaftsinformatik and the business incubator HIGHEST. In addition to the series the TU Darmstadt offered learning opportunities with additional material, cross-links and thought-provoking impulses.

This year´s Funkkolleg is a cooperative project of  hr-iNFO, der Hessische Volkshochschulverband, das Hessische Kultusministerium and the TU Darmstadt. 

Encryption for everyone

CRISP partner Fraunhofer SIT has worked in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom to promote the topic of end-to-end user encryption through the program titled Volks­ver­schlüs­se­lung.
This program consists of user-friendly software developed by Fraunhofer SIT and the corresponding infrastructure, which is operated by Deutsche Telekom in a high-security data center. The program allows Windows users to make their computers encryption-enabled with just a few clicks. On-site registration is available free of charge. A list of times and locations for completing the on-site registration can be found at

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Security, Usability and Society

The SECUSO (Security, Usability, Society) research group at TU Darmstadt develops user-friendly mechanisms that protect the security and privacy of users. One of the focus areas for research is security and privacy on the Internet, such as in e-mail communication or on mobile phones, especially with respect to permissions and information flows. SECUSO also investigates electronic election procedures and authentication on the web, such as for visual passwords. The apps and software that have been developed in this context are available to the public for download.

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