Through its knowledge-transfer activities, CRISP pursues the goal of providing scientific results and progress for businesses and society.
A distinction is made between practical and knowledge-based transfer results.
The practical results are IT tools, which increase IT security aspects in general. The research projects focus on the tools that secure the basis for and support the secure design of software.

Development Tools

Development and Testing Tools created by CRISP researchers are provided on this site. These are generally software tools and add-ons that support security by design, i.e., the development of secure software from the very beginning of the software development process.

An overview of the Development Tools created by Darmstadt Cybersecurity experts can be found here

Protection Tools

Protection tools are tools that can be integrated into running applications and systems such as add-ons. They are used to protect applications and to increase system security in selected areas. The tools listed may, for example, describe the results of scientific analyses and evaluations or address the architecture or theoretical foundations of the Development Tools.

An overview of the Protection Tools developed by Darmstadt Cybersecurity experts can be found here