Learning Lab Cybersecurity: Embedded Security Engineering

March, 18 – 19, 2019

Location: Fraunhofer SIT | Rheinstr. 75 | Darmstadt

In the seminar, which is conducted by the Fraunhofer Academy, the participants learn theoretically and practically about a development process for embedded systems on the basis of a concrete application case. Based on typical threats and vulnerabilities, concepts, procedures and protocols for protection are systematically developed. Addressing issues such as the implementation of lightweight cryptography with appropriate key management, the use of hardware security concepts such as TPM 2.0 or the development of protocols such. for secure over-the-air code update. Also hot topics, such as post-quantum cryptography and its practical feasibility in embedded systems are considered.

The target group are developers from the automotive, IoT and other domains in the embedded field who develop IT security solutions as well as IT security experts who want to apply their knowledge in new domains. A good understanding of technical systems, ideally in the area of embedded systems, is required systems.

Registration is possible until 01.03.2019.
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The Learning Lab Cybersecurity is a collaboration between Fraunhofer and selected universities of applied sciences in order to transfer current findings in the field of cybersecurity to further education offers for companies.

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