A quantum of menace

CRISP-Speaker talks about the furture of quantum cryptography

Quantum computers have opened up vistas of new drugs, innovative materials and artificial intelligence, but if harnessed to crack established encryption methods all computers would be vulnerable. CRISP-Speaker Prof. Johannes Buchmann explains what may lie ahead.

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Forum Bellevue for the future of democracy

CRISP-Scientist Dr. Michael Kreutzer, Fraunhofer SIT, guest at Schloss Bellevue

The President of the Federal Republic Germany discusses current challenges for the democracy with German and inter­national guests of economy, politics, culture, science and the general public in “Forum Bellevue zur Zunkunft der Demokratie”. This time with the motto “Fakt oder Fake? Über einen bedeutenden Unterscied for die Demokratie” a discussion about the current information and debate culture took place. Dr. Michael Kreutzer, project coordinator of the BMBF-research project DORIAN at Fraunhofer SIT, was a guest in the discussion about the current information culture.

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Next Generation Cryptography

"Eberbacher Gespräch": Fraunhofer SIT publishes a position paper on the future of cryptography

Fraunhofer SIT publishes a position paper about the future of cryptography. From online-banking to the blockchain – most IT security mechanisms for protecting data and digital communication are based on cryptography. Quantum computers and new forms of attacks are threatening many of these IT security mechanisms. How businesses and society can protect the cyber-world from such devastating threats in the future was discussed by experts in the realm of business, research, and politics at the “Eberbacher Gespräch” on “Next Generation Cryptography”.

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March for Science 2018

A symbol for science and research

This year CRISP supports the March for Science as an official institution again. Among other supporters are TU Darmstadt, the “City of Science” Darmstadt as well as the Fraunhofer-Society. Whereas in 2017 the focus was on demonstrations, this year the dialogue between science and society is to be intensified. The Technische Universität Darmstadt takes part with a podiums discussion to the topic Digital Change..

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Software-Engineering-Prize of the Ernst-Denert-Stiftung

CRISP-Sceintists are hnored for their dissertations

Dr. Siegfried Rasthofer and Dr. Steven Arzt, both Fraunhofer SIT, are awraded the Software-Engineernig- Prize of the Ernst-Denert-Stiftung for their dissertations. They presented their work at the Award Session of the software Enigeering conference in Ulm.

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Hugo-Geiger-Prize 2018

Award for CRISP-Scientists of Fraunhofer SIT

Dr. Siegfried Rasthofer, Fraunhofer SIT, is awarded the Hugo-Geiger-Prize in second place for his doctoral thesis “Improving Mobile-Malware Investigations with Static and Dynamic Code Analysis Techniques”.

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Best Paper Award at ICB 2018

Award for CRISP-Scientists of University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

For their paper "Multi-sample Compression of Iris Images using High“ the CRISP-Scientists Christian Rathgeb, Torsten Schlett, Nicolas Buchmann, Harald Baier, Christoph Busch, all University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, were awarded the Best Paper Award in bronze at the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB) 2018.

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4. Security Standardisations Research

Prof. Marc Fischlin is General Chair of the conference

At the beginning of December, scientists from all over the world will meet in Darmstadt to discuss the many research problems deriving from studies of existing standards, the development of revisions to existing standards, and the exploration of completely new areas of standardisation. Prof. Marc Fischlin, CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt, is the general chair of the conference.

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Future Security Science Match

Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi talkes about Security threats in Cyberspace

Aim of the "Future Security Science Match" is to give an extensive insight into all security relevant topics and to invest in the inter­national exchange between government representatives, non-government representatives, economy and science. The now established format traditionally takes place one day before the Munich Security Conference (MSC).

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Girls´Day at CRISP

Students get an insight into Cybersecurtiy Research

On the 26th, April it’s time again: hundreds of schoolgirls flock the companies, authorities, institutes and research centers in Darmstadt to get a better insight into professions which they only very seldom consider in the subsequent choice of career. CRISP takes part in Girl’s Day, too: female scientist of the profile area CYSEC of TU Darmstadt and Fraunhofer SIT put together a colorful and interesting program for the girls.

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