CRISP Scientist in the Hessenschau talking about the Global Cyber Attack "Wanna Cry"

Global Hack Attack Cripples Computers

The hack attack "Wanna Cry" effected computers and servers of more than 200.000 organisations and people in 150 countries last weekend . Prof. Ahma-Reza Sadeghi, CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt, was not surprised of such an attack.

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CROSSING Conference „From Tweets to Quantum“

Cybersecurity experts discuss the encryption of the future

According to the motto "From Tweets to Quantum", over 150 IT security researchers are meeting in Darmstadt in order to discuss the encryption of the future on the 15th and 16th of may. It must be secure, but also efficient, practical and not least user-friendly - a major challenge. The Collaborative Research Centre CROSSING at the TU Darmstadt has therefore invited renowned experts to the annual conference for the second time.

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CRISP Researchers are Participating in the International Research Project GHOST

The Goal is the Consumer Awareness for Cybersecurity Risks in the Smart Home

The inter­national research project "GHOST - Safe-Guarding Home IoT Environments with Personalised Real-time Risk Control" has started. Participating  are ten partner organisations from inter alia Spain, Greece, Norway and Switzerland. The only German partner represented in the project consortium is the Technische Universität Darmstadt with the researchgroup SECUSO headed by  Prof. Melanie Volkamer.

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CRISP Speaker becomes Chief Advisor for the Digital City of Darmstadt

Appointment to the First Chief Digital Officer of the Wissen­schafts­stadt

CRISP spokesperson Prof. Michael Waidner, head of the Fraunhofer SIT and professor at the TU Darmstadt in the profile sector CYSEC, will become First Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Darmstadt. The announcement was made by  the Ober­bürger­meister der Wissen­schafts­stadt  Jochen Partsch. Prof. Waidner advises the city how the possibilities of the digitalisation can be used for the well-being of the citizens and companies . He will be supported by the city´s CDO-Team which is headed by Joachim Fröhlich the IT director of the city of Darmstadt.

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World Password Day

Creating Passwords with the Privacy Friendly Password Generator App

Appropriately to today´s World Password Day 2017, the family of privacy friendly apps which were developed by the research group SECUSO, CYSEC [at] TU was supplemented by a privacy friendly password generator. This simply enables one to create secure passwords which can not be guessed and therefore hacked.

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CROSSING Spring Retreat 2017

Scientists from CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt meet for an Internal Exchange

The annual Frühjahrsretreat of the special research field CROSSING headed by CRISP speaker Prof. Johannes Buchmann took place in Bendorf am Mittelrhein this year. The participating professors and scientific employees of CROSSING used the two days for an intense exchange and drawing up further collaborations within the special research field.

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CROSSING Techno­logie­symposium bringt Industrie und Wissen­schaft zu­sammen

Unternehmensvertreter zu Gast bei CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt

The profile sector CYSEC of the TU Darmstadt with its special research area CROSSING hosted a technology symposium, in which business representatives could get to know the scientific contents and goals of CROSSING.

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Digital City Darmstadt

CRISP supports the application of the city of Darmstadt for becoming the Digital City

Darmstadt has made it onto the shortlist of the competition „Digitale Stadt" of the IT trade association Bitkom. Besides Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Paderborn, Wolfsburg and Kaiserslautern are still competing for the sought-after subsidies. On the 31st of May the remaining competitors will compete in the „Ober­bürger­meister-Pitch“ against each other. The announcement of the winning city will be on the 13th of June at the IT summit of Bitkom and the Federal Government.

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Darmstadt becomes »Digital Hub for Cyber Security«

Smiling faces at the opening of the Digital Hub focus for Cyber Security in Darmstadt

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has declared the Frankfurt-Darmstadt region as one of the most important junctions for the digital transformation of the economy, in the framework of the "Digital Hub Initiative",  Darmstadt will hereby take over the role as the Digital Hub for Cyber Security, in addition to the Digital Hub for FinTech in Frankfurt am Main, which was named in 2016.

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30 Years Fraunhofer IGD

Under motto "Into the Fourth Decade with Four Key Topics" researchers of the Fraunhofer IGD celebrate their 30th anniversary and introduce their research results

It all began in 1987 with a small workgroup in Darmstadt which was established by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Today, 30 years later the Fraunhofer IGD with its four locations in Darmstadt, Rostock, Graz and Singapore is an inter­nationally leading research institution for applied visual computing.

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