CRISP-Scientists receive Science Award of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences


Appreciation of outstanding applied research

Within the „Tag der Forschung“ Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) awarded the Science Award for the first time. With Prof. Christoph Busch and Prof. Michael Massoth two CRISP-Scientists are among the total of three award winners.

Photo: Darmstadt University of Applies Sciences /Christian Heyse/FOOB GmbH

The independent jury honored Prof. Christoph Busch, Specialist for IT-Security at the Department for Computer Science, in the category “Forschung”. This category honors the research achievements especially in scientific articles in specialist journals and the education of doctoral candidates.

In the category “Transfer” the award goes to Prof. Michael Massoth, a professor at the Department of Computer Science as well. Massoth receives the award for especially close-to-application, practically oriented research and a good connection with companies.

In the category “Outreach” Prof. Martin Führ of the Department Social Science asserted himself. The Environmental Activists, who is in demand nationwide, is honored for his special contribution to the scientific society as well as the especially high visibility of his results.

 The Science Award of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

With the new established Science Award of h_da outstanding achievements of professors of h_da are honored. The award is given out in three equal categories with a prize money of 4.000 Euro each. The Prize money can be used freely within research and education at h_da. Federal minister of economics Brigitte Zypries, the “Focus”-publisher Helmut Markow and h_da alumni and top manager Marika Lulay, Chief Executive Officer GFT Technologies SE, were part of the intendent jury.

Press release of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

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