Dialogue between Citizens and Experts


CRISP and its partners are introducing themselves

Browsing the web - anonymous and safe– is that even possible? How do we recognize fraudulent messages and how much are our data worth? How can we protect ourselves from cyber-attacks such as WannaCry? On the 18th of September CRISP-scientists answer questions regarding recent Cybersecurity topics - easliy comprehensible and citizen-friendly in the Centralstation.

Digitalization and the accompanying social change concern all of us. This year Darmstadt was annouced Germany's first Digitalcity. Even in our city, in our working environment or in our private context we cannot escape Smartphones and the Internet. Cybersecurity-experts of CRSIP explain how an user-friendly and easily -comprehensible end-to-end-encryption works – a free resgistration on-site is possible - and give valualbe advice how to recognize dangerous messages and fake appendices. Furthermore they present how a safe, user-friendly registration of a motor vehicle en route is working and demonstrate how facial recognition is guarded against fraudsters.

The event is free of charge and no registration is necessary. Admission from 6:00 p.m.
Responsible organizers: Centralstation in cooperation with CRISP and the Wissen­schafts­stadt Darmstadt

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