Darmstadt becomes »Digital Hub for Cyber Security«


Smiling faces at the opening of the Digital Hub focus for Cyber Security in Darmstadt

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has declared the Frankfurt-Darmstadt region as one of the most important junctions for the digital transformation of the economy, in the framework of the "Digital Hub Initiative",  Darmstadt will hereby take over the role as the Digital Hub for Cyber Security, in addition to the Digital Hub for FinTech in Frankfurt am Main, which was named in 2016.

f.l.t.r.: Prof. Kristina Sinemus, president of IHK Darmstadt; Prof. Peter Buxmann, TU Darmstadt; Iris Bachman, member of Darmstadt´s city council; Brigitte Lindscheid, district president of Darmstadt; Prof. Michael Waidner, director of Fraunhofer SIT and speaker of CRISP, Dr. Andreas Goerdeler, MinDirig at Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. © Michael Hudler

The new hub was opened with the visitto Darmstadt by Dr. Andreas Goerdeler from the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. There he met with start- ups and repesentatives from politics,economyand science,who futher want to improve the special eco system for cybersecurity in Darmstadt and improve digitalinnovations. The Digital Hub Initaitive seeks to support the establishment of digital hubs in Germany. The underlying idea of establishing hubs is that the cooperation between companies and business start-ups within a confined area will boost innovation, especially in the digital age.

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