Digital-Kongress 2018


Prof. Reiner Anderl talks about buisness models and digitalization

The Digital-Kongress (formerly known as: Future Internet Kongress) deals with innovative and challenging topics of the digital change. Prof. Reiner Anderl, CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt gives a lecture on the topic of: “Ge­schäfts­modelle und Digitalisierung - Digitalisierung und Ge­schäfts­modelle “.

This years Digital-Kongress is all about Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore exciting digital projects and success stories in Hessen are presented. The congress takes place in the Kongresshaus Kap Europa in Frankfurt on 11th, April 2018 from 11am to 5pm. Participation is free. A registration is necessary because of organizational reasons.

Further information about the program and registration

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