Position paper for Cybersecurity is published


Prof. Michael Waidner presents position paper on the current position of cybersecurity in Germany, on the occasion of the national conference for IT security

The position paper was compiled together by the directors of the three centers of competence, IT security research, Prof. Michael Backes, CISPA, Prof. Jörn Müller-Quade, KASTEL and Prof. Michael Waidner, CRISP and contains from the researcher´s point of view the most important challenges, as well as concrete recommendations for improving cyber security in Germany.

Amongst other things the experts recommend the strategic improvement of the digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe, the targeted support of cyber security infrastructures and an improvement of the research framework, by means of research competition and structures for the fast reaction to the research needs. The Federal Republic is in a good initial position. It is important now, to recognize and bundle these strengths and to further expand through inter­national cooperation.

download position paper (only available in german)

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