Award ceremony of the CAST IT-Security Promotional-Prize 2018


Student of the TU Darmstadt receives the first place in the category Bachelor Theses

Yesterday, the CAST IT-Security Promotional-Prize was awarded for the 18th time. Reviewers of CAST e.V. had previously reviewed all submissions and rated their quality. On this basis, nine authors were nominated for the finalist workshop. Among the bachelor theses Daniel Günther of the TU Darmstadt won. His work originated in the ENCRYPTO working group led by CRISP scientist Prof. Thomas Schneider.

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During the morning, the finalists were invited to present the results of their work to the interested public. Participants had the opportunity to question the innovation of the individual works and to convince themselves of the quality of the contributions. Subsequently, a jury of representatives of business and research determined the winners. In the afternoon, the winners were announced:

Michael Klooß from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology prevailed in the master's thesis category with his work "On the Efficiency of Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems" where so-called Zero-knowledge protocols play an important role in applications that aim to protect the privacy of a user (privacy preserving applications). This allows a user to prove their knowledge of a secret to third parties without revealing this secret. Mr. Klooss could significantly improve the efficiency of a known process in his work.

Among the bachelor theses Daniel Günther of the ENCRYPTO-Workgroup of the TU Darmstadt with his work about "Valiant’s Universal Circuit - Towards a Modular Construction and Implementation". This work contributes to the protection of the privacy of two interacting parties by means of the so-called Private Function Evaluation (PFE). PFE allows the calculation of a function without knowing the input parameters of the opposite party. The function itself is known only to one party. The results of this work have already been published at ASIACRYPT 2017, the largest conference on applied cryptography.

Among the 9 finalists were four works by Darmstadt students. The work was supervised by the TU Darmstadt, one in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD.

The placings of the Darmstadt finalists are:

Category Master Theses

2. Place: Dennis Mantz, “InternalBlue - A Bluetooth Experimentation Framework Based on Mobile Device Reverse Engineering”, Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Hollick (TU Darmstadt)

5. Place: Aidmar Wainakh, “On the Analysis Generation of Synthetic Attacks for Intrusion Detection Systems, Supervisor: Prof. Max Mühlhäuser (TU Darmstadt)

6. Place: 
Kristiyan Dimitrov, “Exploring Deep Multi-biometric Fusion”, Supervisor: Prof. Arjan Kuijper (TU Darmstadt / Fraunhofer IGD)

Kategorie Bachelorarbeiten

1. Place: Daniel Günther, “Valiant’s Universal Circuit - Towards a Modular Construction and Implementation”, Supervisors: Ágnes Kiss und Prof. Thomas Schneider (TU Darmstadt)

All finalists will receive a free entry to the CAST workshops for one year. In addition, there are prize money totaling 3.700, - associated with the CAST award.

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