Peoples encryption for small and medium-sized companies


Free End to End Encryption Test for feelancers and SMEs - New Functions and Online Registration.

The CRISP partner Fraunhofer SIT now offers a commercial solution of the peoples encryption for small and medium- sized companies. They can now apply for the practical test at, by which the companies may test the encryption for one year free of charge no matter how high the number of users. The necessary indivdual registration of selected companies takes place through an ID-check in the internet video chat.

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„After the beginning  of  the free peoples encryption for citizens many feelancers and small companies asked us, because they needed an uncomplicated email encryption for their work“, says Michael Herfert, project leader of the peoples encryption. As an example he points out tax advisors, doctors or engineering offices, who want to send sensitive documents while conversing with their clients via email. For this reason Herfert and his team have created a version of the peoples encryption, which is intended for freelancers and small and medium- sized companies and also extended backup functions.

Freelancers or companies, who would like to take part in a practical test, may register via the internet. Judging by their development status and criteria of suitability the paticipants will be selected  for the free testing. On the occasion of this testing phase the Fraunhofer SIT will also test new possibilities of registration, like the ID- check via video chat.

The peoples encryption will be presented at the CeBIT in Hannover from the 20th - 24th of march. There many private users can also pick up a free registration code which replaces the necessary identification via the internet. Thus, the peoples encryption may be used instantaneously.

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