CRISP-News via WhatsApp


As of now helpful tips and news of the Cybersecurity-world are available via WhatsApp.

As of now you can recieve pratical tips, dates and interesting facts about Cybersecurtiy two times a week via the WhatsApp-Newsletter by CRISP directly to your smartphone.

For privacy reasons we recommend to reconsider the use of WhatsApp and possibly to switch to a different canal provided by us. All information of the WhatsApp newsletter may also be found on the  CRISP-webite, the weekly CRISP-mail-newsletter as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is how the registration to the WhatsApp newsletter works:
Requirement is, that WhatsApp is installed on your smartphone.

  1. Add the below-mentioned number under the name "CRISP" to the contacts of your smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and send us a message with "Start" or "Registration". You do not have to mention your name. In doing so your registration is concluded.
  3. In case you would like to unsuscribe, send "Stop" to the CRISP-number or delete the CRISP-number from your phone-contacts or block CRISP in the WhatsApp-contacts. You will not recieve any more messages from CRISP.

CRISP-Number: 0151 17513344 

Information regarding name, mobilenumber and the device are passed on encoded to our service provider WhatsBroadcast. We do not pass your mobile number on to third parties and use it exclusively for the WhatsApp newsletter. You will not recieve any advertisements, spam or advertising calls. Other subcribers can neither see your phonenumber nor can they send you messages, because this is a broadcast list and not a group.

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