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„Hotspot der Cyber­sicher­heits­for­schung in Deutschland“


CRISP contributes greatly to improving the IT-Security

On the occasion of science week of the government of Hessia the minister of interior Peter Beuth visited the Center for Research in Security and privacy in Darmstadt today in which he stressed the meaning of the scientific location of Darmstadt for the improvement of cybersecurity for the economy and society. Darmstadt has developed into a hotspot for the research of cybersecurity in Germany and Europe. CRISP contributes largely to improving the IT-security of large and real IT-systems. The goals of CRISP are the development of synergy and cooperation between the partners in the fields of cybersecurity and privacy, especially in terms of a common goal contentwise. Hereby CRISP is oriented by the goals of the digital agenda of the federal government and the strategy "Digitales Hessen". Due to CRISP the state of Hessia is as well positioned like no other state in Germany, as for cybersercurity. In Darmstadt, the Europe wide largest concentration of research centers in the field of cybersecurity can be found. This was favoured by the significant support of both the federal and the state governments which have long before the other states recognized the meaning of this subject and have supported the subject early and strategically. In the year 2017 the state of Hessia will fund CRISP with 2 million euros. Overall the state government will invest the sum of 2,7 billion euros for science, research and teaching. Partners of CRISP are the Technische Universität Darmstadt with their profile sector within IT-security research CYSEC, the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, and the Fraunhofer-Institute für Sichere Informations­technologie SIT and Graphische Da­ten­verarbeitung IGD, which are both located in Darmstadt. This partnership is europe wide the largest alliance of research centers in the field of cybersecurity.

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Auszeichnung für Deutschlands beste Innovationen zur IT-Sicherheit

© Catharina Frank

Awards for Germany´s best innovation in IT-Security Darmstadt, october, 6,2017.

The Horst Görtz Foundation awarded the German IT-security prize for the sixth time today at the Center for Research in Security and Privacy (CRISP), in which Prof.Dr. Johanna Wanke took over patronage for the Federal Ministry for Research for the very first time. A jury of experts selected the best market relevant innovations in IT-security from over 45 entries. The first place prize, 100.000 Euros went to Harvester-die Entwicklung einer vollautomatischen Extraktion von Laufzeitwerten aus Android-App. The second place prize, 60.000 Euros went to  Joern-Intelligente Schwachstellensuche durch Graphik-Mining. The third place prize, 40.000 Euros went to, Social Sec- A Serious Game on Social Engineering.

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Press Releases of CRISP members

Steigendes Risiko durch plattformübergreifende Apps

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Rising risk through cross-plattform Apps

A CRISP partner, the Fraunhofer SIT introduces new results of their studies. Darmstadt, october 13, 2016. Over 70 percent of the apps for the administration and display of documents are unsuitable for business usage. Hybrid-apps cause additional risks for web security in the app world. Many apps for mobile instruments have severe security deficiencies which may cause severe damage to enterprises. To this conclusion comes the new Appicaptor-Security-Index of the Fraunhofer- Institut for science and information technology.

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