Research Projects within CRISP

Research activities conducted at CRISP incorporate and further develop projects by Claude Shannon Fellows as well as interdisciplinary projects with the targeted aim of fostering young researchers and maintaining CRISP’s interdisciplinary character.

Research theme: Big Software Systems - Big Data Quantity

The focus of this research theme is the development of new analysis techniques for large-scale software systems and the design of innovative mechanisms for securing large quantities of highly sensitive data.


Gleichzeitige, automatisierte Codeanalyse von Millionen von Softwarevarianten (TU Darmstadt, Prof. E. Bodden)

Skalierbare Schadcodeerkennung (TU Darmstadt, Prof. E. Bodden)

Halbautomatische Hybride Analyse von Android-Binaries (Fraunhofer SIT, Prof. E. Bodden)

Scalable Dynamic Analysis of Complex JavaScript Programs (TU Darmstadt, Dr. M. Pradel)

Automated Analysis of Complex Web Applications (TU Darmstadt, Dr. M. Pradel)

Statische Analyse großer Softwaresysteme durch nachfragegetriebene Algorithmen (TU Darmstadt, Prof. E. Bodden)

Trendanalysis (Fraunhofer SIT, Prof. M. Waidner / Dr. M. Schneider)

Secure, component-based development of large software systems (TU Darmstadt, Prof. H. Mantel / Prof. M. Mezini / Prof. N. Suri)

Efficient Application-specific Data Privacy (TU Darmstadt, Prof. P. Eugster /  Fraunhofer SIT, Dr. M. Steinebach)

Research theme: Cyber-Physical Systems and critical (Internet)-Infrastructure

This research theme focuses on the fundamental engineering issues related to securing critical infrastructure: from the security of the applied platforms to the analysis of communication networks and typical malicious codes to the visualization (and improved understanding) of attacks.


Programflow-Attestation for Embedded Systems (TU Darmstadt, Prof. A.-R. Sadeghi)

Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit von IPv6 (Fraunhofer SIT, Prof. M. Waidner / Dr. H. Shulman)

Sichere Routing-Infrastruktur (Fraunhofer SIT, Dr. H. Shulman)

Visual Trace of Cyber Attacks in Large, Dynamic Networks (Fraunhofer IGD, Prof. J. Kohlhammer)

Constructive test methods and integrated toolchain for security evaluations of complex and scalable Cyber-Physical Systems (Fraunhofer SIT, Prof. C. Krauß)

Secure communication in cyber-physical systems (TU Darmstadt Prof. M. Fischlin /  Prof. M. Hollick / Prof. A.-R. Sadeghi)

Research theme: Global Mobile Platforms

This research theme focuses on practical analysis techniques for increasing the security of mobile platforms in relation to malicious codes as well as on issues related to usability and economics.


Economics of IT Security at Large - Risk Analysis, Governance and Business Models (TU Darmstadt, Prof. P. Buxmann)

Scalable Biometric Identification-Systems (BIO-INDEX) (Hochschule Darmstadt, Prof. C. Busch)

Scalable Privacy-Preserving Protocols (TU Darmstadt, Dr. T. Schneider / Prof. K. Hamacher)

Delegated Privacy and Security (TU Darmstadt, Prof. M. Volkamer / Prof. J. Vogt)

Value creation with privacy-related user data (TU Darmstadt, Prof. M. Mühlhäuser / Prof. P. Buxmann)

User-friendly confidential and authentic Communication (TU Darmstadt, Prof. M. Volkamer / Prof. J. Vogt / Fraunhofer SIT, M. Herfert)