Research Projects within CRISP

Research activities conducted at CRISP incorporate and further develop projects by Claude Shannon Fellows as well as interdisciplinary projects with the targeted aim of fostering young researchers and maintaining CRISP’s interdisciplinary character.

Research themes within CRISP

Big Software Systems - Big Data Quantity

Cyber-Physical Systems and critical (Internet)-Infrastructure

Global Mobile Platforms

Big Data with measurable security and privacy

Beyond that the research activities of the CRISP-members cover a broad spectrum of Cybersecurity.They range from basic researches to application-oriented solutions.

Research Areas within CRISP

The following shows the individual main research areas of the Cybersecurity-research in Darmstadt and they are linked with the corresponding information pages of the respective CRISP-members:

Automotive Security


Cloud Security


Cybersecurity Analytics und Defences

Digital Forensics

Economics of IT-Security

Industry 4.0

Internet and Infrastructure Security

Media Security

Mobile and Cyber-Physical System Security

Privacy and Trust

Secure Software Systems

Security Management

Social and Ethical Aspects of IT-Security

Threat modelling and security evaluation

Usable Security