Start-Up consultations in Darmstadt

In Darmstadt, an ideal ecosystem has developed over the last few years for young entrepreneurs in cybersecurity and those that want to become one. The individual initiatives cooperate closely, offering broad services such as qualified support, comprehensive consultation and a multitude of options for networking and interaction.

HIPA assists in the search of new business ideas

The Hessian-Israeli Partnership Accelerator (HIPA) for Cybersecurity provides assistance in developing ideas that may pave the way into self-employment. The idea: binational teams from Germany and Israel work jointly on solutions to current cybersecurity challenges in the areas of network technologies, internet infrastructure and software security.

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StartUpSecure assists from the idea phase up until the foundation

You have a business idea, but do not really know how to get it market-ready? You are looking for an investor or competent consultation service? The StartUpSecure incubator supports contributions to cybersecurity from the idea phase over the preparation and development of market-ready products up to the foundation of the enterprise.

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Digital Hub Cybersecurity interconnects cybersecurity founders

You already have a business in cybersecurity and would now like to connect to other founders or get in contact with other already well-established companies? You want to inform yourself about financing options? Digital Hub Cybersecurity supports existing start-ups and innovations in cybersecurity, connects the players from established companies, research and the start-up scene, and creates awareness with influencers, investors and stakeholders. 

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HIGHEST leads high tech and digitization start-ups to success

The innovation and foundation center of Technische Universität Darmstadt assists young entrepreneurs with developing their business models and with the search for investors and suitable funding programs.

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